Lithographic Printing

Lithographic Printing or Litho printing as it is more commonly referred as, was originally created 1796. It was developed as a cost effective method to produce theatrical works. The item to be printed is transferred to a stone or metal plate which then transferred the design to paper, card and many other materials.
Modern lithographic printing uses the same principles but design is transferred to a flexible plate that then transfers the image to the paper, with each plate representing a different colour. When printing in volume the litho is considered to be the best method in terms of both quality and cost efficiency.

Today lithography is used to produce everything from posters, stationery, brochures, books, promotional items, to packaging and pretty much anything that requires a high quality finish.

Lithographic Printing at Lockwood Print

At Lockwood PRINT we can offer both lithographic printing and digital printing solutions in-house.

Our highly experienced litho print specialists offer advice on the best method dependent on your requirement, including print finishes and paper options.

Our expert lithographic printers can produce a diverse selection of materials. We can produce everything from single colour leaflets to printing complex brochures and print finishes such as varnishes and lamination.

We pride ourselves on our attention to detail but above all that many of our clients trust us over many years too deliver their print work and even like to come and see the presses running with their latest creations.

Isn’t lithographic printing outdated?

Some would say litho is on the decline and that digital printing is the way forwards. Well having both options at our disposal we would probably argue that it really depends on your requirement. Lithography produces as far superior finish than digital. For some purposes digital printing is perfectly acceptable. For items that require that little extra quality, such as company letterheads, corporate brochures and literature that represents your company, we feel that it’s litho all the way.

Having both litho and digital in the same building it is interesting how many of our clients prefer to use lithographic printing over modern print solutions.

With digital printing, you will generally see that it becomes less cost effective the more that you print. The opposite can be said of litho as once the machine is inked and ready to go then

Is lithographic printing more sustainable?

There is a huge focus now more than ever on sustainability in all industries. The printing sector is no different, the use of responsibly sourced papers and inks is vitally important to ensure that we are not only protecting environments but educating our clients of ways to produce a more sustainable product.

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