Large Format Printing

Large format printing allows high quality printing on a much larger scale whilst retaining a very high quality finish. Large format printers are used for a wide variety of uses from larger posters to exhibition panels. The printers can print onto a range of materials and can also be roll feed, significantly increasing the length of the printed item.

Lockwood Large Format Printing

Lockwood large format printing offers a wide range of materials to give maximum impact.

Large Format Printing requires specialist printers. Any thing that is larger than can be printed on conventional printers is considered larger format. Although it is pretty relative as sizes can vary quite a lot. There are many materials that can be used for Large format printing. Below are some examples of the substrates that we can print on here at Lockwood.

  • Paper
  • Vinyl
  • Self adhesive material
  • Dibond
  • Foamex
  • Correx
  • Acrylic

The options for large format are extremely varied. Roll fed printing allows the output to be very long. The width is governed by the size of the printer head, but the length can be as long as the entire roll of paper of you wanted it to be. Which is ideal for the side of buildings or hanging graphics.

Our most common request is to produce larger poster and exhibition work. We have also produced frosted window decals and textured finishes to wall coverings for use for interior design. It really is a fantastic medium.

How wide can a large format print be?

The printer can be a range of sizes. Adjustments can be made to make it wider but a typical width of printer head is about 1800mm. Lockwood have all advice you will need to get the best from a larger print.

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