Design for print

Design for print services are needed when the final form of any design is intended to be printed. In the modern design environment this is largely carried out by computer. But the skills required for a designer specialising in printed materials are still a well regarded skill. Being able to understand exactly how the print will translate to the finished item is paramount in ensuring the perfect result. We pride ourselves on our knowledge and attention to detail when designing for print, ensuring the best outcomes for our clients.

Design for Print

Lockwoods Design team perfectly compliment our print services.

All forms of printing share a common requirement. They all need to start with a design. In most circumstances the earlier you involve a graphic designer in the process the better the outcome.

Our design team are highly experienced and well versed in a diverse range of software. But understanding how a design will translate to the printed page is paramount to ensure the end result turns out as expected.

We create a wide range of material for our clients, on a wide range of materials. All of these differ in density, texture and finish. Our team have been preparing design for print material for decades. This may be checking and preparing artwork for print or creating your next leaflet or poster design from your brief. Whatever the requirement you can rest assured that we will apply all of our skills to ensure the best outcomes for our clients.

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