We are passionate about print! Please read the following geeky guide to our favourite subject.


Litho printing is a high quality method of printing, suitable for long runs (high quantities) allowing for very accurate colour specifications.

For each print job, the artwork is separated on a computer into four separate colours, cyan, magenta, yellow and black (CMYK). The 4 separate colours are then sent to a plate making machine where they are exposed like a photograph onto photosensitive aluminium sheets, know as “plates”. Each colour = 1 plate.

Each plate is attached to a roller in the printing press and coated with it’s corresponding ink colour. The coloured image is rolled or ‘offset’ onto a cylinder (blanket), which makes an impression on paper being fed through the press. As the paper moves through each set of rollers, the colours mix to create a full colour image on the page.

An advantage of Litho print is the ability to use special spot (Pantone) colours. Each spot colour requires an additional plate. Spot colours are standardised, which ensures brand consistency. Spot can also can achieve colours that CMYK can’t, such as bright orange, fluorescent pink, gold etc. Digital printers are unable to print spot colours.

Ideal for larger print runs  – our industry leading Heidelberg presses produce the best print quality available. Combine this with our in-house finishing capability and you can trust us to deliver large volume, quality print that you will be proud of.

Suitable for: books, booklets, brochures, business stationery, calendars, catalogues, compliment slips, die cutting, envelopes, event literature, floormats (for car valeting), flyers, folders, greeting cards, inserts, invitations, labels (cut to any shape), leaflets, letterheads, magazines, menus, newsletters, notepads, order of service booklets, pamphlets, postcards, posters, presentation folders, price lists, programmes, promotional literature, scorecards, wobblers, yearbooks


Digital printing is a more economical print method, perfect for shorter runs (lower quantities). It simply means that we print directly from a digital image file, rather than a set of plates (used in litho printing). Digital printers still use the same CMYK colours, but in the form of toner which is fused onto the paper in one go as the paper passes through the machine. As a result, digital printing tends to be faster and more cost-effective for short runs than litho printing whilst still providing good quality. Digital printers are unable to print spot colours, and have their limitations on colour matching to Pantone colours.

Suitable for: annual reports, appointment cards, books, booklets, brochures, business cards, business forms, business stationery, calendars, catalogues, certificates, christmas cards, compliment slips, data sheets, die cutting, envelopes, event literature, flyers, folders, greetings cards, ID cards, inserts, invitations, labels (cut to any shape), laminating, leaflets, letterheads, loyalty cards, magazines, menus, NCR sets – books, pads and single sets, newsletters, notepads, order of service booklets, pamphlets, personal stationery, postcards, posters, presentation folders, price lists, programmes, promotional literature, report covers, scorecards, wedding invitations, wobblers, yearbooks


This is really digital printing on a grand scale. A wide range of materials can be used such as dibond, foamex, acrylic, vinyl, clear, permanent and peelable adhesive papers, which are suitable for outdoor use, as well as many different paper qualities.

We can provide all types of signs, banners and exhibition display equipment. Get in touch and find out just how comprehensive our range is.

It’s not just for business use, make a family party or celebration memorable with personalised banners and bunting to match your theme.

We can also print labels and display graphics and cut these to any shape, including lettering and intricate shapes for application to windows and signs.

The maximum paper size is 1350mm wide x metres and metres long.

Suitable for: Signage on dibond, foamex, correx, acrylic for indoor and outdoor use, banners, pull-up banners, pop-up exhibition displays, posters, pavement stands, acrylic posters, exhibition stands


Die cutting is an exciting and innovative way to catch your customer’s eye.

We can cut any shape out of a variety of materials, paper, card or synthetic “non tear” paper that is waterproof and durable. From simple folders and bunting pennants to complex 3 dimensional pop up cards and packaging.

  • Laminating
  • Folding
  • Stitching (booklet stapling)
  • Shrink-wrapping
  • Labels (cut to any shape)